Weather Vane II: the first decade show

a: August 31 – September 11
b: September 14 – September 25

GROUP A: Barb Hunt, Susan Barton Tait, Karen Justl, Grace Nickel, Donna Côté, Vincent Mikuska, Carol Ramsay, Donnely Smallwood, Shirley Brown, June Boyd, Donna Jones, S.Lee, Walter Vieto, Alethea Lahofer, Denis Lessard
GROUP B: Norman White, Kevin deForest, Gisele Beaupré, Roland Bouchard, John White, Margaret Doell, Larry Glawson, Deb Mosher, Ina Schneider, Robert Pasternak, Patti Johnson, Richard Brown, Kevin Mutch, Rob Labossierre, Doug Harvey
GALA: Maga Maroons, The Waiting Why Nots, Table Singers, Shawna Dempsey, Lisa Mark, Karen Busby
PANEL DISCUSSION: Suzanne Gillies, Simon Herbert, Alison Gillmore, Sigrid Dahle, Richard Brown, Don DeGrow

co-ordinated by Donna Jones