Vol. 1 pt.2 : Criticism, critique, criticality: Fieldwork



Visual culture impacts our lives in meaningful and dazzling ways.
Contemporary art appears more accessible than ever.
Conversely, general arts journalism has been marginalized in print media with limited real estate for long-form critical writing. However, online venues for criticism offer opportunities for different voices and new strategies of engagement outside of traditional models of art writing.

This workshop is about asking questions of how art is written about and for whom, how we approach exhibitions from commercial galleries to artist-runs, and why we should even write about art.

This workshop is for writers working in visual arts journalism and artists interested in audience reception.

We will begin with a brief overview of current art writing in Winnipeg (and beyond) followed by visits to several exhibitions in the Exchange District. The goal is to consider the artwork(s) within contexts of display, audience, and wider networks of art and artists. Following our fieldwork, we will reconvene at ace for a discussion of the exhibitions.

Participants will be contacted in advance with some preparatory readings for the workshop.

Workshop takes place 8th November 12-3pm @ the gallery

 Attendees must confirm before October 24th: program@aceart.org