Since July 2010 aceartinc. has offered the irregular, live art opportunity, turnaround.

In between the install and strike of the Regular Exhibitions, the main gallery usually has an empty night. Live artists who work in a contemporary art context can apply to use ace at these times to experiment, research, and/or test an idea or project in front of an audience- a rare, low-financial risk opportunity. Occasionally, when an exhibition consists of wall mounted work, we ask the artist for permission to run a turnaround.

Performance and live artists’ needs differ from those of exhibiting artists in terms of space and time. We felt it necessary to find a way to better support them. ace is committed to providing resources that will support and help the growth of live art and performance art and their cross over into other disciplines, locally and nationally.

There is no rental fee, however you will be asked to purchase a membership to ace and pay staffing costs ($15/hour).

Get in touch: tani@aceart.org  –  204 944 9763

See under the News>events and >activity tabs for some past turnarounds