There is Here

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In place of a conventional public artist talk, Robert Taite invites individuals to make an appointment with him for a conversation and guided tour around his exhibition, There is Here. This is available for the duration of the show, between 11am and 7pm. Please contact Robert directly to make your booking:

There will be a videoed interview with him available within a few weeks. Please check our regular email for notices.

For There is Here, Taite will install a number of recent works in response to the architecture of aceartinc. and thereby continue his investigation into the relationships and tensions between painting, sculpture, architecture and the body.

Taite constructs sculptural paintings that are experiments in simple formal and material possibilities. When the pieces (often unfinished) start to pile up in his studio, their original, individual purposes get muddled and lost as they are recycled to solve problems created by new assemblages. This process continues in the gallery where its space becomes a blank canvas, a new arena for construction and placement. The work alludes to other spaces, other worlds, but inevitably self-destructs into the here and now.