The Ugly – live art venue

The Ugly at aceartinc. is a venue for artists working in live art and disciplines such as dance and theater that crossover into a contemporary art context. It is a platform for experimentation and research.

Starting as a pilot project, The Ugly has been created in response to a swell in demand for flexible performance space by artists for live art. It is a temporary, discrete space situated in the 400 sq ft space between the office and main gallery. It is designed to be a supportive venue for artists from Winnipeg and beyond providing free use of the space, free use of available equipment, and free cross promotion. The artist takes 100% of the door. A small staffing fee is the only cost.

The Ugly is named in honour of Professor Sharon Alward, one of Winnipeg’s most respected performance artists, mentors, and a great supporter of aceartinc.. It references her work Ugly But Not Inferior (1997). Professor Alward will be giving a public lecture at 7pm, Friday 3 May 2019 at aceartinc.