The Ugly – live art venue

The Ugly at aceartinc. is a venue for artists working in live art and disciplines such as dance and theater that crossover into a contemporary art context. It is a platform for experimentation and research.

Starting as a pilot project, The Ugly has been created in response to a swell in demand for flexible performance space by artists for live art. It is a temporary, discrete space situated in the 400 sq ft space between the office and main gallery. It is designed to be a supportive venue for artists from Winnipeg and beyond providing free use of the space, free use of available equipment, and free cross promotion. The artist takes 100% of the door. A small staffing fee is the only cost.

The Ugly is named in honour of Professor Sharon Alward, one of Winnipeg’s most respected performance artists, mentors, and a great supporter of aceartinc.. It references her work Ugly But Not Inferior (1997). Professor Alward will be giving a public lecture at 7pm, Friday 3 May 2019 at aceartinc.











805-4821 is a trans coming out story.
it’s also about the 80,000 words of facebook messages
my best friend and i wrote each other one fall.
it’s also about hamlet and trauma and having a feeling.
it’s also about my mom.
it’s mostly performed using an overhead projector
and it’s mostly performed in silence.
welcome to the movies.

created and performed by davis plett
edited by gislina patterson


The Ugly at aceartinc. (290 mcdermot ave, 2nd floor)

nov 15 / 8pm
nov 16 / 8pm
nov 17 / 8pm
nov 17 / 10pm
nov 18 / 8pm

doors 30 minutes to showtime   |   performances are approx 60 minutes

tix are pay what you can afford, CASH ONLY, and can be reserved at
or 204-805-4821 (do you want to txt me some time?)


this movie contains strong language
and textual representations
of physical, imagined, and systemic violence.
there’s a lot of shit about bodies, trauma,
and a kind of weird take on gender stuff.
there’s also, like, a LOT of stuff about ME.
if you have any particular questions, pls contact me.

aceartinc. is not a fully physically accessible space.
there’s a set of 2 stairs
then another set of 7 stairs before the elevator.
gallery staff are happy to assist however possible.
pls call ahead (204-944-9763)
to make any special arrangements.
full physical accessibility information can be found at

also note that 99% of this performance
is projected text without sound