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Regular Program  |  Deadline: 1 August 2018

aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists and is dedicated to diversity in its programming. To this end we encourage applications from all contemporary artists and curators, groups and collectives in all visual arts media. But we only have the chance to exhibit you if you apply. Please apply.

The gallery also runs several ongoing projects and hosts numerous one-offs; amongst other things we are the proud home of Flux Gallery, the Cartae Open School, and an Indigenous Curatorial Residency. This Artist Run Centre is passionate about the work being produced by contemporary artists and arts writers and critics in Canada and abroad. Many successful, well known and not so well known Canadian artists have shown work at ace early in their careers- we are an established (but not establishment) part of the unique ecosystem of Canadian contemporary art.



Selections for the Regular Program are made by a jury consisting of Winnipeg-based artists/curators/critics, ace staff and board. The ace jury reviews submissions within the context of aceartinc.’s mandate and goals and our available resources. aceartinc. will pay CARFAC exhibition fees to artists; travel and accommodation, one-way shipping and per-diems will also be provided. A writer is commissioned to write a response to the Regular Exhibitions via the Critical Distance writing program, which is published online and anthologised in PaperWait.

Please call (204) 944-9763 or email if you require other assistance regarding your submission.

Application guidelines

Jurors receive a disk of your proposal- make sure you adhere to our guidelines regarding file size and naming. Get a sense of aceartinc. by visiting our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram,

Your submission should consist of:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Artist and/or curatorial statement (1 page)
  3. Project proposal. If your project is in development, please present support material that relates to its development.
  4. Current CV with current contact info (2 pages)
  5. Schedule of activities (if applicable)
  6. An equipment list or itemization of special technical needs (if applicable)
  7. An image list (1 page)
  8. Your support material.

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be included in the selection process.

In an effort to reduce waste and embrace the 21st century, aceartinc. only accepts digital submissions.

Create one PDF file  consisting of your cover letter, artist statement, project proposal, CV, schedule of activities/equipment list,  your support material, and an image list. Label the files with your full name. Attach it in an email to

These links provide information about how to put images into a PDF:
for Windows:
for MAC:

No paper applications

We will only exhibit work that has not previously been shown in a solo exhibition in Winnipeg.


Support Material

aceartinc. is MAC environment.

You may include up to 15 images (this includes group submissions).

Individual images must be jpgs 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500k (.5 MB) RGB or SRGB only. Images that are larger than this will not be viewed. Artworks must  be fully titled with their dimensions and year of production in the image list.

No PowerPoint please.

Video may be submitted through a link to Vimeo, YouTube or any other easily accessed website.

Audio is accepted in MP3, WAV or AIFF format only.

Include no more than 2 pieces of writing such as essays, reviews, non-original documents of artworks that cannot otherwise be described in image or video format. NO BOOKS PLEASE)

At this time we can only accept submissions in English. However, the guidelines are available in French, just scroll down.

Appel de soumissions

Présentement, nous ne pouvons accepter que des soumissions en anglais.

Les documents nécessaires pour la Programmation régulière :

Le jury recevra un disque de votre projet; assurez-vous de suivre nos consignes en ce qui concerne la grandeur du fichier et le titre. Pour vous renseigner sur aceartinc., rendez visite à notre site Web ainsi qu’à nos plateformes sociales (Facebook, Instagram,

Votre soumission devrait comprendre :

  • Une lettre d’accompagnement
  • Un énoncé d’artiste et/ou de commissaire (une page)
  • Un projet. À noter : si le projet est en cours de développement, veuillez fournir du matériel d’appui relié au projet.
  • Un CV mis à jour avec vos coordonnées actuelles (2 pages)
  • La cédule des activités (s’il y a lieu)
  • Une liste d’équipement ou de besoins techniques précis (s’il y a lieu)
  • Une liste d’images (pas plus d’une page)
  • Votre matériel d’appui

Les soumissions qui ne sont pas conformes à nos consignes risquent d’être excluses de notre processus de sélection.

Afin de réduire les déchets de papier et se conformer au 21ième siècle, aceartinc. privilégie les soumissions numériques.

Créez une PDF  : un qui comprend votre lettre d’accompagnement, votre énoncé d’artiste, votre projet, votre CV, votre liste d’images et votre cédule d’activités/liste d’équipement, votre matériel d’appui. Indiquez votre nom en entier sur vos fichiers. Mettez-les en attache et envoyez-les par courriel à


Matériel d’appui

aceartinc. est seulement compatible avec les MACs.

Vous pouvez inclure jusqu’à 20 images (un total de 20, y compris pour les soumissions de groupe), présentées préférablement dans un document PDF.

Les images individuelles doivent être en format jpeg de 72 ppp, 1024 x 768 pixels, 500 k (.5 MB) RGB ou SRGB seulement. Nous ne considérerons pas des images plus grandes.

Pas d’exposés en PowerPoint s.v.p.

Les vidéos peuvent être soumises par l’entremise d’un lien Vimeo, YouTube ou d’autres sites Web facilement accessibles. Voir ci-bas pour plus de clarifications par rapport à chaque partie de la soumission.

Les pistes audio sont acceptables uniquement en format MP3, WAV ou AIFF.

Pas de classeurs, de chemises ou d’agrafes (seulement des trombones S.V.P.).

Pas plus de 2 imprimés : ceci comprend des essais, des critiques, des documents d’œuvres d’art non-originales qui ne peuvent pas être décrites autrement, soit en diapositive, soit en format vidéo.

Aucune œuvre d’art originale.

Veuillez ne pas envoyer de courrier enregistré qui exige une signature.

Date limite : 1 August 2017


Annual Student Exhibition  |   deadline: 8 May, 2018

If you are an undergraduate or post graduate student taking an art class in Manitoba, you are eligible to apply. All mediums welcome.

Your work will be required between 25 June – 14 July 2018. This period includes install, run, and strike. You will install your work with assistance from staff.

For this call, aceartinc. only accepts digital submissions via online form. We do not accept paper or email applications. Below are the guidelines for filling out the online form. Please make sure you adhere to our guidelines regarding file size and naming.

Contact Information
Please fill out the required fields of the contact information section.

Application Document
Please upload one PDF with your full name as the file name. This single PDF document must be smaller than 5 MB in size and should consist of:

  • Up to five images of the work you wish to exhibit.
  • An artist statement
  • A resume
  • A short explanation of the work.

In order to ensure your final PDF does not exceed the file size limit, individual images must be no more than 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500 KB. The following links provide instructions on how to combine multiple files into a PDF using Windows or MAC.

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be included in the selection process.

Voluntary Self-Identification

Applicants are invited to complete this section. Demographic information helps us gauge our progress towards equitable representation at aceartinc. This info will be available to jurors in the final round of the selection process, and will be used anonymously in statistics that aceartinc. may share with its funders, members and other stakeholders.

2018 Annual Curated Student Show Application Form
Questions about this form? Please email


The Scott Wachal Memorial Bursary

Those students who are curated into the exhibition are invited to apply to this bursary, founded in the memory of a student who exhibited with ace in May 2013. Deadline: 25 May 2018.

$500 is awarded to contribute to the costs associated with a contemporary art project such as materials, residencies, etc. Tuition fees are not eligible. The student is then invited to deliver a public artist talk about the project the bursary supported.


PaperWait Artist Pages   |   5 June 2018

Theme: Portraits

PaperWait is aceartinc.’s annual publication that is comprised of the writing that we commission throughout the year in response to our exhibitions. It also contains juried artist pages that are usually on a theme.

Portraits have been used throughout history as  means of asserting identity, power, symbolism, affiliation,  rejection, and so many other ideas. We encourage submissions on the theme of portraiture: people, places, faces, metaphors … the possibilities are endless for exploring a genre whose potency only seems to increase.

Size: 5″x 8″, 350 dpi, labelled with name, title, year, and medium. One image only please.

Please send your name, address, phone number and image info with your hi res digital image file to

PaperWait is published in a limited edition print format as well as unlimited digital formats.