Shining Tapestry | Steven Leyden Cochrane

7 September, 7-10pm

Artist talk, 22 September, 2pm   |   Exhibition run, 7 September – 5 October 2018

Made over an eleven-year period, the work in Shining Tapestry spans textiles, text, photography and digital media, combining these in varied attempts to visualize lived experiences of trauma.

Language and image, base units of conscious thought, break down in flawed processes of articulation and translation. Artifacts of these processes—warping, loss of resolution, garbled syntax and mixed metaphor—mimic deficits of consciousness brought on by intense emotion, illness or impairment.

The show is anchored by a new body of large-scale crochet lace “documents” based on digitally-mangled, low-resolution photographs and improvised text. Alongside works in a range of media, these aim to highlight and destabilize the precarious mental structures that give subjective experience its illusion of continuity and order.


Image: Steven Leyden Cochrane. Melech House where mom died; 2018.