This workshop has two dates, the same workshop will be run on both.

15 and 17 March, 7 pm

Led By Beth Schellenberg, a member of the Cartae Open School

Part 1: An investigation into new modes of self-representation, with focus on the selfie. This workshop will include a discussion about definitions of representation, its history, and its various problematic realities. We will talk about pictorial self-representation on social media, exhibitionism, scopophilia and voyeurism, and, especially regarding women and the feminine, the inherent implications of narcissism, boredom, and vanity.

How are we empowered and/or disempowered by sharing our image publicly, sometimes nude or naked, and what part do these images play in our online visual economy? Are we being tricked into continuing a cycle of visual exploitation of the female body in the name of reclamation and empowerment, or are we grinding these patterns into the dust? Can a selfie be art, if so when? I want answers!

Basically we will talk about our ideas and ourselves, and then make selfies. But with paper and pencils, otherwise known as self portraits, and try to tease out the differences (or lack thereof) between the selfie and the self portrait, the process, the intent, the outcome etc.. It will be really fun, I promise.

Part 2 (optional but highly recommended): Participants will undertake a 30 day selfie ban starting post workshop, during which time they will be charged with creating a self portrait a day. The portraits must be executed on 10” by 10” paper as a nod to Instagram’s restrictions, but may be done in any medium, as long is it is hand rendered. At the end of the 30 days participants will meet with their drawings (and wine) to share ideas, thoughts, revelations etc..

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