aceartinc. is an Artist Run Centre dedicated to the support, exhibition, and dissemination of contemporary art.

We do this via an open call for submissions and special projects through which we work with contemporary artists, curators, and art writers, including emerging artists and those from queer, Indigenous, and underrepresented communities.

Contemporary art is at its most powerful when engaged with and thought about, and so we actively welcome the public, with all of its nuanced communities.


About aceartinc.

aceartinc. is an Artist-Run Centre located in the Exchange District of Winnipeg, Canada. We were founded in 1983.

aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists and we welcome submissions from all emerging contemporary artists and curators working in any media to our annual call for submission each August.

The gallery also runs several ongoing projects and hosts numerous one-offs; among other things we are the proud home of Flux Gallery and the Cartae Open School. This Artist Run Centre is passionate about the work being produced by contemporary artists and arts writers and critics in Canada and abroad. Many successful, well known and not so well known Canadian artists have shown work at ace early in their careers- we are an established (but not establishment) part of the unique ecosystem of Canadian contemporary art.

Founding members: Donna Jones, Douglas Melnyk, Larry Glawson, Janice Dehod, Gail Noonan, Vern Hume, Pauline See, Lorraine Wright, Gord Arthur, Karen Busby.


Space: To maintain a physical space for the public where exploration of the ideas and materials of contemporary art are facilitated through exhibition, events, critical writing, and dialogue.

Art: To support the emergence, development, production and exhibition ofcontemporary art by local and national artists at all levels, with a focus on emerging artists.

Professional Development: To provide concrete opportunities for the professional development of artists, writers, curators, gallery workers, volunteers and members.

Resources: To facilitate artistic research and development by making available the resources, library and archives of the centre.

Dissemination: To communicate ’s activities and programs locally, nationally and internationally through press release, invitation, and dissemination of educational and critical materials.

Dialogue: To provide a forum for dialogue and new ideas in contemporary art.

Peer Adjudication: To commit to prioritizing the peer adjudication process for gallery programming.

Community Relations: To ensure a strong connection with the Winnipeg Arts community through our willingness to partner with individuals, groups and other organizations.



Espace : De maintenir un espace physique pour le public où l’exploration des idées et des matériaux d’art contemporain sont rendus à travers l’exposition, les événements, les critiques et le dialogue.

Art : D’appuyer l’émergence, le développement, la production et l’exposition          de l’art contemporain par des artistes régionaux et nationaux de toutes les compétences, avec un accent sur les artistes émergents.

Le développement professionnel : De fournir des occasions concrètes de développement professionnel aux artistes, auteurs.res, commissaires, des travailleurs.euses de la galerie, des bénévoles et des membres.

Ressources : De faciliter la recherche artistique et le développement en donnant accès aux ressources, à la bibliothèque et aux archives du centre.

Diffusion : De communiquer les activités et les programmes de aceartinc. aux niveaux local, national et international par l’entremise des communiqués de presse, des invitations et de la diffusion de matériel éducationnel et critique.

Dialogue : De fournir un forum pour le dialogue et les nouvelles idées en art contemporain.

Le jugement par les pairs : De s’engager à prioriser le jugement par les pairs de la programmation de la galerie.

Les relations communautaires : De s’assurer qu’il y ait un lien solide avec la communauté des arts de Winnipeg rendu évident par notre désir de vouloir créer des partenariats avec des individus, des groupes et d’autres organisations.