i live in here | k. steele | Flux Gallery

Exhibition run: 25 October – 9 November 2019

Launch: 7 pm, 25 October 2019

Gallery hours: 12 – 5 pm Tuesday – Saturday

The artist k. steele has been living inside Flux gallery for an unknown period of time. No one has been able to make him leave. No one knows what he eats. No one knows how old he is or what he smells like.

He goes into hiding whenever an exhibition is open in the gallery, but due to a cancellation Flux will be vacant from October 25th until November 10th and he will be exhibiting a series of drawings he has titled i live in here instead. Flux will remain open during this time, but it isn’t recommended that you talk to k. steele or accept anything he tries to give you. Also, under no circumstances should you touch him. His skin is very soft and hot and it’s unsettling.

The drawings can be purchased by donation and taken from the gallery during the exhibition. Any drawing taken will be replaced on-site by the artist, which means the exhibition will be constantly changing. The drawings form a visual journal that tells a story of anxiety, personal stagnation, and insecurity, while also presenting a challenging examination of the ‘artist’ as a romantic figure. It mostly concerns a cruel bird, though.

k. steele is described as ‘an illustrator and performance artist’. His work has appeared in publications and art journals throughout North America and Europe. People are always pouring water on him. i live in here is his first indoor solo exhibition.

This cannot be stressed enough, do not touch him.