Hollywood hens, protesterns, and other stuff

hollywood-hens-webimage courtesy of Larry Glawson

Ian & Coral & Doug have been working together within a number of performative occasions recently (Hollywood Hen Pit, WEproteSTern, LUCY). Please join us for some conversation about what these three having been up to (enemas, k.d. lang, chimps, and otherwise).

Doug Melnyk works in a variety of media. He is the author of books — NAKED CROQUET, DOCTOR MEIST, and FRUITS, a queer comic. His video work can be found in a number of public collections including the National Gallery of Canada and New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Melnyk’s performance works, GORILLA and SUMMERTIME, have been performed in venues including the Edinburgh Fringe, IVC Theatre in Covent Garden, and Hunter College in New York.

Ian Mozdzen grew up on a grain & poultry farm in rural Manitoba. He studied English Literature & Theatre at the University of Winnipeg & Simon Fraser University. In 2002, he co-founded a devised theatre company – out of line theatre (with Mia van Leeuwen). He also practices and creates solo & collaboratively. Now, he’s training as a dancer within the School of Contemporary Dancers. … caused a bit of lollapalooza recently, with HOLLYWOOD HEN PIT (with Doug Melnyk). Also staging some political protests with WEproteSTern (alongside Coral Maloney). Happy to be making lots of different performances with lots of different people. Long Live Young Lungs. Everyone should see the films THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT and “The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson’s Bay Company.”

Coral Maloney has been “WEproteSTern”-ing since spring 2012.  Other recent work includes a series of workshop readings of LUCY by Doug Melnyk, creating/directing Red Socket Spine as part of Young Lungs Dance Exchanges’ Production Series 2012, and a variety of other solo and collaborative performances and installations.  Coral is looking forward to working with Adhere & Deny for Trumpets & Raspberries in November as well as ongoing work on WEproteSTern (with Ian Mozdzen).