Mood Swings | Leah McInnis and David Peters | Flux Gallery

An exhibition of work by Leah McInnis and David Peters. Join us for the opening reception of Mood Swings, January 11th from 7-10pm.

Exhibition run: January 11-18


Ladders, lofts, pendulum chairs and stairs to nowhere.
What haunts trestle and beam? What remains when we daydream?
We leave buzzing shadows as auguries.

Laminated castoffs and bindings, spines and gutters in faded jackets,
this is a search for the mercurial.
Out for a lark, an architecture to hide a dog ear.

Licking thumbs under glass cylinders.
Dark pools,
flip through paper ink indulgences
and wait for distances to diminish.

Leah McInnis and David Peters are artists based out of Victoria, BC and Winnipeg, MB. Both come from literary backgrounds, each having completed a BA English in addition to BFA and MFA degrees. Over the past year they have been building large scale interactive sculptures out of reclaimed lumber while completing the MFA program in 2018 at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. It is important to them to use combined skill sets to produce situations that foster community building.

Flux Gallery exhibits engaging contemporary art in any medium by early-stage emerging artists, located within aceartinc.