into the butcher shop



Transitions are a part of everyone’s lives; some come naturally, some are difficult and some are just plain frightening. We experience them together and we experience them as individuals: all are unique, yet they all bear similarities. The exhibition Into the Butcher Shop is a collective transition of 17 artists who are emerging from the safety of the University of Manitoba’s School of Art, to become the fresh meat of the art world.

It seems appropriate that Into the Butcher Shop will being happening in aceartinc.’s Flux gallery as the word “flux” indicates changes, alterations and transitions; a state which all the contributors have and are continuing to experience in the past year. The exhibition covers a wide range of media, including photography, painting, video, ceramics and installation works; and represents each individual’s metamorphosis from art student to fully fledged artist; each with their own ideas and techniques for creating.

Featuring work by:

Alice RL
Sarah Neville
Cassidy Sylvester
Rebecca Claire McIvor
Jessica Hodgson
Bennie Peters
Carol Budnick
Timothy Joel Dyck
Gregory C. Menzie
Ashley Feduniw
Jill Peters McGillivray
Robyn Wall
Sarah Paradis
Katherine Leithead
Lisa Bédard
Anna Frances Robinson
Adrienne Huard