Fifth Kingdom | Meganelizabeth Diamond | Flux Gallery

A solo exhibition of work by Meganelizabeth Diamond.

Join us for the opening reception of Fifth Kingdom March 13th from 7-10pm.

Exhibition run: March 13-23, 2019

The Fifth Kingdom, according to LIFE’s “A Guide to The Natural World” is the inanimate world of rocks and minerals. This Fifth Kingdom is a photo-based exploration that looks at the mining of bits of stone, quartz and other natural materials as they are extracted within the inorganic, digital world. Collaged pieces of rocks and crystals take on new forms, presenting themselves as failed optical illusions and patterns mimicking autostereograms (Magic Eye images).

Bio: Meganelizabeth Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist from Hazelridge, Manitoba currently based out of Camp Morton, Manitoba. Her practice utilizes both analog and digital forms of image capturing, collaging, and film-making. She is a collective member of Open City Cinema and co-programs the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Her work has shown throughout artist run centres and festivals across Canada and the United States. Meganelizabeth sits on the board of directors of PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts and she has completed her BFA at the University of Manitoba.

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