Escutcheon Athletics Presents

Lucky T Workshop or How to Make Conceptual Art on the Fly | 28 August | 6pm


The goal of this workshop is threefold:

  • physical: to create wearable art whose value is not placed on a commodity scale, but on social significance.
  • social: to foster a community in which the role of audience and artist is blurred by the shared engagement of individuals whose activities are reciprocated on the substrate of a t-shirt.
  • conceptual: to elucidate the process of applying historical significance to an item, thereby transforming it into an object of fetishized or relic status.

Participants will be asked to bring a plain white shirt (t or tux, old or new). The workshop will begin at aceartinc. with a ceremonial offering to the gods of creativity and community by making charcoal from objects supplied by the artist and participants.