Emily’s Cove

Emily’s Cove (named after stellar former intern, Emily G. Doucet) is a small, strange space for aceartinc. interns to program.

The cove is located in a rectangular space to the left of the wooden flight of stairs taken to reach the gallery via the 288 McDermot Avenue entrance. For around 25 years generations of artists and programmers have irregularly used the space to show work, have meetings, and cause mischief.

Currently it’s a space for interns and the artists they program to experiment and have fun. Among other projects and happenings it’s housed The Littlest Museum (Alex King), an animation set for You Were Here (Rhayne Vermette),  props from the animation Bonefeather by Callum Paterson + Nathan Gilliss (Emily G. Doucet), sculptures by Olivia Medeiros (Kat Nancy), a screening by nùna(now), a robot by Ken Gregory, and more.

Interested in becoming an intern at ace? Get in touch: tani@aceart.org


Mahri White, Crepidula II, mixed media installation; 2018. Curated by Laura Darnbrough. 

Olivia Medeiros, Untitled. Ceramic, mixed media; 2018. Curated by Kat Nancy.

Lauren Wiebe, I’m Surprised The Bears Even Saw You. Mixed media, installation; 2018. Curated by Kat Nancy.