Dying Slowly Inside Out



Dying Slowly Inside Out | a sculptural installation by Annesofie Sandal
Collaboratively presented by aceartinc. and MAWA
Launch 28 September, 7pm (during Nuit Blanche) | 28 September to 26 October

Through the suggestion of a whale with two tales, Sandal’s work encourages an examination of how time creates romanticized mythological versions of human history, affecting both individual and collective memory.

Largely inspired by the Vikings’ expeditions to conquer new land and demystify the world through sea explorations, Sandal’s work reflects upon man’s desire to expand knowledge and gain territory ever since. Calling attention to both time and timelessness, her work brings to mind that throughout history the demystification of the exotic unknown has repeatedly been followed by gross exploitation of both man and nature.

Her work reflects upon this destruction or loss of life and land upon which new civilizations have developed and evolved. Representing past, present, and future, the whale serves as a symbol of the enduring mysteries of nature and man’s desire to claim ownership of it. Like an hourglass measures time over and over again, Sandal’s two-tailed whale at once illuminates the repetition of history and its mythologization.

Annesofie Sandal holds a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. She has exhibited in a number of group and solo shows. “Dying Slowly Inside Out” will be the first display of her work in Canada. Earlier this year she was selected for the ISCP artist residency in New York by the Danish International Arts Agency. September 2012 she visited Winnipeg as artist in residence with MAWA. In addition to her own practice she is also a member of the collaborative exhibition group Island Life.

Writer and researcher,
Dr. Erin La Cour