Do It Or Pay: create a full exhibition application or lose $200

postponed- date to be announced

Potentially free to members, potentially $225 to non members

A partnership with ACI Manitoba

We know you can put an exhibition application together and you know you can. So stop making excuses and do it. Or pay.

Sometimes you need to raise the stakes to get the job done. We hear a lot of people procrastinate about getting an application together and so we thought we’d help get the ball rolling with this workshop that has a very strong motivation built into it.

At the beginning of the workshop you will give us $200 in cash, cheque, or diamonds and we will place it in the ace safe (guarded by terrifying dogs). You will then refine your general exhibition application. A photographer will spend an hour with each participant, helping them document their work, an editor will spend an hour with each participant offering advice on the written portion of their application, and ace staff will be on hand for technical and general questions, and you can talk with other participants as well; but you will be doing the work in a space dedicated to it.

If, by the end of the workshop, you finish the application and put it in an envelope ready for the postbox, we will give you your money back and a stamp. If you don’t, we will write you a charitable tax receipt for $200, put your money towards our programming and operational costs, and thank you.

You will need the solid beginnings of:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Artist and/or curatorial statement (1 page)
  3. Project proposal.
  4. Current CV with current contact info (2 pages)
  5. Schedule of activities (if applicable)
  6. An equipment list or itemization of special technical needs (if applicable)
  7. An image list (no more than 1 page)
  8. Your support material- Between 10 -20 images, or artwork to photograph

Register by 10 June 2016. Places are limited.