Connie Chappel’s Artist Talk

This multi-faceted exhibition used sculptural installation to combine curious material into experimental archaeological scenarios. Unusual juxtapositions of artificial and natural objects investigated the idiosyncrasies of organic growth, decay and exhumation processes. Cryptic memorials merged kinetic twigs and branches with static rocks and body parts. Quivering air currents enlivened suspended tree roots. An ambient glow beneath stain of sap drops on paper paid hommage to a meaningful birch wound. This living artifact display aimed to conceive a highly delicate, eerie and fantastical forest that found itself suspended in time.

The gallery space was a participant in this art historical allegory with works assembled in consideration of structure, corner, beam, space. Embodiment engaged observations of adaptation, diversity, self-generation, and material evidence of history having passed. Redeemed natural salvage unearthed human intervention in the otherwise inhabited world and embodies the inescapability of physical death.