PEOPLE FIGURE: dance + draw happening

Black background with loose drawing of a human figure in faded white lines. Overlaid text reads: PEOPLE FIGURE: dance + draw at 206 Princess St. Friday, June 17, 6-8 pm drop in. Closing performance at 8:30, limited seating, advance reserve. In partnership with ace art inc. Spontaneous compositions short/long & still/moving, materials provided. Eventbrite. $ donate. Mozdzen, Kuby, Bohrn, Sim, Brueckner, Ramprashad.

June 17, 2022

DROP-IN dance + draw 6-8 pm, materials provided

closing performance at 8:30 pm; limited seating — advance reserve.

INDEPENDENT DANCERS in partnership with artists & aceartinc.

PEOPLE FIGURE: dance + draw happening

nude & not

Visual artists Robert SIM, Derek BRUECKNER and Shereen RAMPRASHAD put pencil to the paper LIVE to draw the spontaneous human figuring of dancers D-Anne KUBY, Carol-Ann BOHRN and Ian MOZDZEN in this DURATIONAL dance + draw happening. PEOPLE FIGURE closes at 8:30 pm with a timed 25-minute INSTANT COMPOSITION dance awash in the evening’s flurry of figures and figuring.



Figure poses long/short & still/moving by PEOPLE; 6-8 pm, drawing materials provided.


Figure poses long/short & still/moving by PEOPLE, 6-8 pm; dancing space provided.


Observe figure poses long/short & still/moving by PEOPLE; observe the drawings of Robert SIM, Derek BUECKNER and Shereen RAMPRASHAD, 6-8 pm. CLOSING 25-minute DANCE PERFORMANCE by D-Anne, 8:30-9 pm; limited seating — advance reserve.

$donate/reserve on EVENTBRITE


206 Princess Street has 3 steps up from the sidewalk. Wheelchair ramp access is available through the 216 Princess Street entrance. 

Please bring a cushion or folding chair to sit on; some chairs are also available at aceart.


Carol-Ann BOHRN

Carol-Ann Frances Bohrn grew up in Brandon, Manitoba and has been residing in Winnipeg since 2011. Select performance credits: Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (Jolene Bailie & Jera Wolfe), four seasons with Gearshifting Performance Works (Bailie, Marie-Josée Chartier & Rachel Browne), Sick + Twisted Theatre, Odette Heyn, Saskatoon’s White Birch Ballet (Darlene Williams, Gioconda Barbuto & Josh Beamish), and for television commercials. Carol-Ann participated in the Cartae Open School at aceartinc.; and the Foundation Mentorship Program at MAWA. Carol-Ann was nominated for a 2020 Evie Award for her choreographic collaboration with Alexandra Garrido and Thom Morgan Jones for the full-length song cycle show By Grand Central Station at the Prairie Theatre Exchange’s Mainstage season, 2020. Carol-Ann is a graduate of The School of Contemporary Dancers and also trained at Ryerson University and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Teacher Training Program.


Over the past 5 decades, D-Anne‘s movement practice has spanned the breadth of this country we call Canada and beyond. The list of folks with whom she has worked and/or studied who have had lasting influence is vast and weaves a complex tapestry. Touring highlights include Mexico with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers in 1987 and Greece/Montenegro with Kinesis Dance in 1996. Career highlights include performing Charles Moulton’s “18 Person All-Star Ball Passing” at the Lincoln Centre in New York, and having her solo appearance at fFIDA recognized by Now Magazine as one of the top 10 dance performances to happen in Toronto in 1994. D-Anne currently makes her home in Winnipeg where she continues her ongoing exploration of the body; how it works, how it communicates, how it serve us, and how it doesn’t.


Ian was raised on a farm in rural Manitoba. Creative writing, performance poetry, editorship & event organization since middle & high school turned into a B.H. English Literature & Theatre degree from Simon Fraser University & University of Winnipeg. What proceeded was two decades of study + practice of dance, theatre, anti-art, performance art, classical arts & ritual arts here in Manitoba, across Canada & abroad. The performance practices of South India & Japan, as well as nearly 15 years of figure modelling, also highly influence Ian’s approach to dance. Ian has supported organizations like Young Lungs Dance Exchange & Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers in positions of administration, programming & assistance, and coached actors & assisted professors in UW departments of English & Theatre. From it all, INDEPENDENT projects of dance, dance + music, theatre + music and dance + drawing result — loose partnerships of local dancers, artists and arts organizations devoted to sovereign programs of creative presentation and art-full contemplation. Ian is humbled by the presence of all these fine individual artists in PEOPLE FIGURE. Ian is also thankful for support from organizations like The Gas Station Arts Centre and aceartinc. PEOPLE FIGURE is an extension of the SILENT … LAB DANCE series, part I: people in between, recently presented April 10th in partnership with GSAC.

see the instant composition with D-Anne KUBY here:

Without the dancer there is no dance. Long live these creatures of the day: the epheme-roi. 😉

Robert SIM

Robert Sim has been an artist and sculptor, who was born, raised, and lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied at the School of Art at the University of Manitoba, where he was the recipient of the Robert Bruce Scholarship for sculpture.

Robert’s work encompasses a wide variety of media and styles. Whatever the media, in general, he tries to represent what he sees as simply as possible, without any embellishment. He works without any preconceived ideas, and prefers to let the work develop on its own as it proceeds. Like many other artists, he believes visual art is language of its own and explains itself in its own terms. One of his favourite quotes regarding art comes from the Polish – French painter, Balthus;

“ Painting is a language which cannot be replaced by another language. I don’t know what to say about what I paint, really.”

Robert and his wife travel extensively, and, whenever possible, he tries to combine travel with work. He has painted and drawn across Canada, in Europe, and in Asia. Robert is the recipient of two Manitoba Arts Council grants, and he has exhibited internationally, nationally, and locally. His work is in public, corporate, and private collections across Canada, the United States, Japan, and Europe.


Derek Brueckner is a Winnipeg-born visual artist and art educator. His most recent work encompasses video harvested from socially collaborative and unscripted performances. Using a multi-disciplinary practice of drawing, painting, live feed projections, performance and video he re-inscribes and re-imagines the human figure through his collaborators’ processes of improvisation and facilitated play. Artist residencies have included spaces in Italy, Vermont, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Toronto. Solo exhibitions and participatory projects in the US have been presented at arts spaces in Brooklyn, Queens, and New Orleans. Derek also co-hosts an arts radio talk show on CKUW 95.9 FM at University of Winnipeg. Media coverage of his work includes Globe & Mail, Border Crossings, Queens Courier Magazine, and the NOLA Defender. Awarded grants from Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council and Vermont Studio Center. Education includes MFA from Hunter College, City University of New York.


Miss Shereen Ramprashad is classically trained illustrator and multitalented in performance, soundart and spokenword. She marches to her own creativity irregardless of trends. Miss Shereen … art is life and life is art.

Alter Ego Workshop by Jean Borbridge

Sunday, May 19 12-3pm

According to Julia Kristeva the abject refers to what “disturbs identity, system, order. What does not respect borders, positions, rules. The in-between, the ambiguous, the composite”. This workshop will guide the participants in a series of exercises that examine the “in between and the ambiguous” within ourselves. We will focus on ideas of repulsion and desire that reside “outside” of our identities and what we consider to be the self. An alter ego will form through a series of guided exercises; such as automatic writing and mask making. This workshop is beneficial to those who desire new methods of self-reflection and new tools to build ideas and conceptual frameworks for art making.

Snacks Provided.

FREE! This is a free workshop associated with AceArtInc’s Cartae Open School.

No experience required! This workshop is for people of all ages.

Cover photo by: SH Sadler

Group computing experimental improv workshop

Saturday, March 16


* A free CARTAE Open School event hosted by Davis Plett *

My recent intermedia performance work has used simple technology and computing tasks to explore what it feels like to be a body living in a world of other bodies – bodies made of flesh, text, code, and knowledge. In this experimental workshop we will embark on an adventurous intuitive emotional performative critical hilarious devastating delicious boring intellectual shallow dire bitchy EXPERIMENTAL GROUP EXPLORATION of these themes.

We will sit at our computers – in the same room but each in our own space. We will congregate on a shared Google doc. I will guide us through a number of simple computing and search-engine games and tasks. We will commit acts of administration, perform feats of pix-elation, sink into quiet doubt, climb over each other in a digital junglegym, babble bark garble and guffaw. We will see what can be made when a group of people gather twice: as bodies in a room and as bodies on the web.

NO PRIOR PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. If you’ve ever visited the internet you’re more than qualified to participate. This not a traditional performance workshop and you WON’T be asked to “create a short and humiliating solo work that you will then share with the class.”

PLEASE RSVP. Email ( or DM me if you want to come so I have an idea of numbers (or if you have any questions!).

– laptop and charger
– basic working knowledge of Google Docs

You Are Loved- Performance Art Workshop with Elise Dawson

Wednesday, May 23rd from 7-10 PM

If an artist performs alone in a forest, who validates them? Whatever your background, this three hour or however long it is workshop is an opportunity to practice performance in a supportive atmosphere.

In the first half-hour, we will engage in a generative, trust building exercise. The facilitator, Elise Dawson, will then lead us through a brief exercise designed to engage our bodies and minds. We will take a ten-minute break for water, washroom and/or cigarettes. We will then utilize fifteen minutes to conceive and practice a micro-performance which we will present in the hour remaining.


Please bring a writing tool and notebook.


Please bring:

1 object you love

1 object you hate

1 object you feel neutral towards


Further reading:

THIS is Performance Art by Marilyn Arsem


Space is limited. Please contact to register.


This is a Cartae Open School Workshop:


Unfortunately aceartinc. is not fully accessible. There are five stairs before reaching the elevator. Visit the website for more directions:


Elise Dawson is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba where she graduated from the School of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba in 2012. Dawson’s interdisciplinary practice is informed by research, writing and collaboration. Caught between grief and self-aware humour, her work seeks to investigate loss through collective processes of vulnerability. Dawson completed the Foundation Mentorship program with Val Klassen through MAWA as well as brief mentorships with Ming Hon and Diana Thorneycroft. She presented a solo exhibition at Flux Gallery in 2016. Dawson recently completed a six-week artist residency in Puebla, Mexico in Performativity of Mortuary Rituals through Arquetopia. She is a 2017-2018 participant of aceartinc.’s CARTAE open school program and will be launching her first collection of poetry in a group exhibition Friday, June 1, 2018 at aceartinc. in Winnipeg.

Collage Workshop | Sarah Stewart

Sunday 29 April 2018

This collage workshop will focus on experimenting with the process of altering or recontextualizing found text and images to create a new work. I feel that using found text and imagery for these exercises is integral to the process as it allows for meaning and narrative to be communicated through the juxtaposition of elements that otherwise have been divorced from their intended context.

We will discuss the relationship between text and image, different ways of working with found materials, and participate in a few guided exercises which can be used as a starting point to create a small work using provided materials. This exercise can either be used to create a finished work or be used a starting point for further exploration.

Email to confirm attendance.

This is a FREE event!

Please bring:

  • a writing utensil and paper
  • scissors
  • optional* magazines, printed materials, or any anything you wish to incorporate into a collage.

Collage materials and snacks will be provided!

I am a Winnipeg based interdisciplinary artist and designer, as I have practices as both a fine artist and as a graphic designer and I have been finding myself increasingly intrigued by the overlap between these two modes of creating work. In particular, I am interested in the ways that both art and graphic design approach communication and experimenting with various strategies across both disciplines. I generally work with mediums such as typography and text, collage, sculpture, and installation.

This is a Cartae Open School Workshop:

SHOW&TELL with Julian K

1-3pm, Sunday, April 8th, 2018   |   aceartinc. (2-290 McDermot Avenue)   |   FREE!

Show and tell is the ultimate opportunity to present something meaningful to you. Through various exercises, participants will have the opportunity to explore their personal connection to objects. This workshop is also an opportunity to work on public presentation skills in a supportive environment. One time in elementary school, I was very nervous and said “vagina” instead of “Regina”.

You’re safe to say those words here.

Show and tell is about:

  • Identifying personal connections to objects
  • Public speaking
  • Connecting with others through sharing
  • Listening and asking questions
  • Redeeming past slip-ups…

To confirm your attendance, please email Include a brief description of the item(s) you plan on bringing.

Please bring:

  • At least one object for showing
  • A notebook and pen

Snacks will be provided (good ones).

Julian Kirchmann is an interdisciplinary artist and writer living in Winnipeg, MB. His work explores identity, trauma, vulnerability, self-reflection, and miscommunication. These ideas are often explored though the use of humor and by pushing the boundaries between personal and public.

290 McDermot is not a fully accessible space, for more info please get in touch!

This is a Cartae Open School Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop with Christina Hajjar

Saturday, March 24, 1-3:30pm, aceartinc.

This creative writing workshop will be an intimate space of writing, sharing, and critical discussion around the theme of diaspora.

Participants will reflect on their own experiences of diaspora, displacement, hyphenated-Canadian identity, and/or first/early-generation Canadian identity. Any level of experience is welcome. No prior arts or writing practice is necessary.

This is a Cartae Open School workshop and it is free.

Please register by email at with the subject line “Creative Writing Workshop.”


  • Writing prompts and opportunity to draft 1-3 poems

  • Reading and discussing 2 short poems together

  • Antiracist decolonial feminist framework: Our thinking and discussion around the topics of home, space, and place is grounded in an understanding that non-Indigenous peoples benefit from stolen land and from ongoing colonization. It also means that we must be critical about the way situate ourselves within systems of power.

The facilitator: I am a first-generation Lebanese-Canadian. My work is grounded in the Lebanese diaspora, thinking through my parents’ life experiences, and through my own experiences of migration, culture, and intergenerational inheritance. As a queer white-passing working-class Arab artist, writer, and organizer, I aim to be critical about my relationship with being a settler of colour. Key questions in my work include: How do migratory and displaced peoples connect to home when home is often elusive, unavailable, changed, or gone? How do non-Indigenous peoples form more ethical relationships to land that has been stolen?

The venue: Unfortunately aceartinc. is not fully accessible. There are five stairs before reaching the elevator. Visit the website for more directions:

The Social Portrait with Michelle Panting

A Cartae Open School workshop









Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018 2-3:30pm

Location: PLATFORM gallery, suite 121-100 Arthur St.


Learn more about the social and technical aspects of digital portraiture with Michelle Panting from FULL and @feministportraits. In this hour and half workshop, we will discuss:

  • helping your sitter feel comfortable
  • using found light to highlight your sitter
  • composing a portrait
  • editing for skin tone and quality in Lightroom

Please bring:

  • a camera (ANY camera will do, phone cameras and point-and-shoots welcome)
  • OPTIONAL: digital copies of 1+ portraits and your laptop

All skill levels welcomed and encouraged. PLATFORM gallery is an accessible space.

woodshop workshop

Get to know the basics of ace’s woodshop. Seth Woodyard (yes, that is his real name) will show you:

  • how to work safely and confidently
  • how to use basic power tools : circular saw, miter saw, table saw, drill/driver, power sander, nail gun
  • how to use the table saw
  • how to build a canvas stretcher
  • how to build a wooden box
  • how to build a set of wooden stilts

Generously funded by Creative Manitoba.

Free to Creative Manitoba and aceartinc. members, $25 to non-members.

Limited places available. Takes place at aceartinc.- 2-290 McDermot Ave

Register by email at:

Instructor: Seth Woodyard
Born in Prince Edward Island in a geodesic dome and raised in Ottawa by his artist mother and architect turned economist father, Seth Woodyard is a multi disciplinary visual artist, and a member of the board of directors at aceart. Seth works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, video, performance and installation. He works toward bringing into dialogue ideas of home, the body, architecture, and labour. He currently lives in Winnipeg making a variety of things both aesthetic and functional.