Majesties | Callie Lugosi | Flux Gallery

Run: July 12-26 2019

Launch: Friday, July 12 7-10pm

“… They turn their camera to Winnipeg’s drag royalty in Majesties: the harvest of an extraordinarily performative, deeply personal, conceptual cornucopia of homegrown genderfuckery.

In the manner of a Renaissance court painter, Lugosi’s lens enshrines each noble as they themselves would wish to be immortalized.

This gaudy catalogue in gilded frames captures the imperturbable inner radiance of the local community’s intersectionally outspoken, iconizing those who swerve away from puritanical binary definition and lead the reformation of gender’s presentational architecture.”

-Sarah Jo Kirsch

Callie Lugosi (they/them) is a lens-based artist and journalist from Winnipeg. They make use of analog and oft-times antiquated technology to create photographs. The heart of their practice centers around documenting, archiving, and carving out space for queerness in the local historical canon.

Flux Gallery Call for Committee Members

Deadline: 1 July 2019

Flux Gallery is programmed by a volunteer committee of Winnipeg-based emerging artists, designers, curators, writers, and editors, as well as the aceartinc. staff and board.

We are seeking candidates that identify themselves as emerging in their practices and that are prepared to join the committee this August. The positions are Fundraising Coordinator (2 spots available), Communications Coordinator, Graphic Designer, and outreach for the Flux Writing Program (2 spots available).

We encourage Indigenous peoples, people of colour, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQ+ people (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) to apply and self-identify in their letter of interest.

See form for more information.

Please email a letter of interest to with the subject line “Call for members” by 11:59pm on July 1, 2019. In your letter be sure to rank your top 3 positions of choice in order of preference.

Flux Gallery Call for Submissions

Flux Gallery will be seeking exhibition proposals from emerging artists.

To apply please submit the following in a digital format to by 11.59pm, 28 February 2019.

The upcoming show dates are:

  • April 28-May 12
  • July 9-26
  • August 12-Sept 7
  • October 22-Nov 10

To submit, enclose:

  1. An exhibition proposal (1 page)
  2. Support Material
  3. List the dates in your order of preference. We cannot guarantee you’ll get your preferred date.

Support material:

  • You may include up to 5 images
  • Individual images must be jpegs 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500k (.5 MB) RGB or SRGB only
  • Video may be submitted through a link to Vimeo, YouTube or any other easily accessed website, a max of 5 minutes will be reviewed by selection committee

When applying, please consider:

  • Flux Gallery is  run by volunteers. Two members of the committee will facilitate your show and help things run smoothly for you. If you need assistance or access to resources they can help point you in the right direction
  • You must know how to install your own work. If desired, you can request time in the space to practice installing your work.
  • Works involving sound must be played through headphones.
  • You must return Flux Gallery to its pristine state during the strike of your exhibition.
  • Your work will be for sale; artist fees are therefore not applicable. We will provide a $100 honorarium per show.
  • A map of the space can be found here.

2018/2019 Programming

Fall 2018 / Winter 2019:

November 4 -17, 2018: Simon Fuh
December 3 – 16, 2018: Niamh Dooley
January 11 – 19, 2019: Leah McInnis + David Peters
February 1 – 9, 2019: Abhishek Chaudhary
March 15 – 24, 2019: Meganelizabeth Diamond


Flux Gallery exhibits engaging contemporary art in any medium by early-stage emerging artists.  Located in Winnipeg at 2-290 McDermot Avenue, within aceartinc., Flux Gallery seeks to address the lack of exhibition space for this group by providing a 400 square foot space dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of work by early-emerging artists.

Flux Gallery is programmed by a committee of Winnipeg-based emerging artists/ Designers/ Curators, aceart Staff and Board.  Shows are programmed on a quarterly basis. Selected artist(s)/ curators will have the gallery for two weeks; this period includes install, run, and strike of exhibition.

aceartinc. is acting as an arm’s length facilitator but is very pleased to provide support to more artists via this innovative project. You can support Flux Gallery by making a donation!


The Committee

Graham Wiebe, Christina Hajjar, Tani Miki (Interim Director), Noor Bhangu, Alyssa Bornn, Pablo Javier Castillo Huerta, Annie Beach, Olenka Skrypnyk, Kelsey Smith, Hassaan Ashraf, Genevieve Farrell.

Founders & former committee members: Julian Kirchmann, Sean McLachlan, Hannah Doucet, Alena Rieger, Jeanine Saurette, Nicole Flynn, Michael Mogatas, Mariana Muñoz Gomez, hannah_g (ace Director), Chantel Mierau (ace Finance & Admin Manager).

The committee was awarded the Volunteer Manitoba Investors Group Award for Arts & Culture in 2017.

Flux Writing Program

Flux Gallery invites emerging writers to respond to exhibitions. You can read their writing here.


To see past exhibitions and calls for submissions, visit our archive.