Fifth Kingdom | Meganelizabeth Diamond | Flux Gallery

A solo exhibition of work by Meganelizabeth Diamond.

Join us for the opening reception of Fifth Kingdom March 13th from 7-10pm.

Exhibition run: March 13-23, 2019

The Fifth Kingdom, according to LIFE’s “A Guide to The Natural World” is the inanimate world of rocks and minerals. This Fifth Kingdom is a photo-based exploration that looks at the mining of bits of stone, quartz and other natural materials as they are extracted within the inorganic, digital world. Collaged pieces of rocks and crystals take on new forms, presenting themselves as failed optical illusions and patterns mimicking autostereograms (Magic Eye images).

Bio: Meganelizabeth Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist from Hazelridge, Manitoba currently based out of Camp Morton, Manitoba. Her practice utilizes both analog and digital forms of image capturing, collaging, and film-making. She is a collective member of Open City Cinema and co-programs the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Her work has shown throughout artist run centres and festivals across Canada and the United States. Meganelizabeth sits on the board of directors of PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts and she has completed her BFA at the University of Manitoba.

Flux Gallery exhibits engaging contemporary art in any medium by early-stage emerging artists, located within aceartinc.

Nest… a hiding place in the sky | Kelsey Braun | Main Gallery

Launch: 7pm, Friday 8 March
Exhibition run: 8 March – 9 April 2019
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12-5pm

Artist-led tours offered by appointment. For more information, contact:

Nest… a hiding place in the sky considers space as an illusion, as that which shifts between the perceivable and the peripheral—we can often hear the birds but cannot see the nest. Constructed from a foundation of sound extracted out of field recordings, foley, found-audio and gestures of sonic improvisation, this work is a multi-channel composition for a room. Nest…. intends on establishing an ocean of vibration where time and space are nudged towards an obtuse and poetically shifting experience. Speakers dispersed throughout the gallery underline one’s sense of proximity and complement the room’s physical material—in some cases transmitting sound from within the building itself. Nest…. encourages a heightened sense of hearing, relating the aural to architecture, social space and memory.

Kelsey gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council, the Winnipeg Arts Council, and Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

Nest… a hiding place in the sky | Kelsey Braun 

Du 8 mars au 5 avril 2019

Vernissage le 8 mars, 19 h

Des tournées animées par l’artiste sont offertes sur rendez-vous. Pour plus d’informations, contacter :

Nest… a hiding place in the sky considère que l’espace est une illusion, une entité changeante entre ce qui est perceptible et ce qui est périphérique – nous pouvons souvent entendre les oiseaux sans pour autant voir leur nid. Construit à partir d’une fondation de son extrait d’enregistrements de terrain, de foley, des enregistrements trouvés et des gestes d’improvisation sonores, cette œuvre est une composition multivoie pour une pièce. Nest …. a l’intention d’établir un océan de vibration où on donne un coup de coude au temps et à l’espace pour qu’il se produise une expérience obtuse et poétique changeante. Des haut-parleurs répartis à travers la galerie augmentent notre sens de proximité et complémente le matériel physique qui se trouve dans la chambre – dans certains cas le son est transmis de l’intérieur du bâtiment lui-même. Nest …. incite une sensibilité accrue au son, créant un lien entre l’auditif et l’architecture, l’espace sociale et la mémoire. 

Kelsey tient à remercier le Conseil des arts du Manitoba, le Conseil des arts de Winnipeg ainsi que Video Pool Media Arts Centre pour leur soutien généreux.

Translation/traduction : Simone Hébert Allard

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Jurors: Luther Konadu, Sylvia Dreaver, Madeline Rae, Kelechi Asagwara, hannah_g, Chantel Mierau

Programming: aceartinc. exhibits 5 major exhibitions a year by contemporary visual artists and we welcome submissions from all emerging contemporary artists and curators working in any media to our annual call for submission each August.

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8 March – 5 April 2019

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Jury that selected the 2018/19 Regular Program convened on 6 & 7 September 2017: Seth Woodyard, Nicole Flynn, Doreen Girard, hannah_g, Evin Collis. If you have questions about this program please contact