Annual General Meeting – 11 December, 6:30pm


Come and get the newest volume of PaperWait – to be launched during the AGM

Since our last AGM, the Board has filled one vacancy and appointed Nicole Flynn as a new director. The membership will vote to ratify this decision.

6 of our current directors have terms that will expire. They are: Andrew Moreau, Andrew Kaplan, Lancelot Coar, Holger Kalberg, Mark Neufeld, Mike VonTiesenhausen. These 6 directors have put their names forward to serve a further two-year term. The membership will vote on whether to re-elect them. 

There are currently up to 3 vacancies on the board. Any interested member can put their name forward, no later than November 26th, if they wish to stand for election. We encourage any interested individuals, especially practicing artists, to apply.

At the AGM we will be presenting:
 Treasurer’s Report, including ace’s Financial Statements from prior year.
(ii) Election of Directors.
(iii) Appointment of our Accountant.
(iv) President’s Report.
(v) PaperWait vol.16 launch.

Landscapes | a call for submissions from artists and art writers | PaperWait vol. 14




Visual artists and art writers are invited to submit to aceartinc.’s annual publication, PaperWait, on the theme of
L A N D S C A P E S.

PaperWait is an annual publication published by aceartinc. that covers our programming year- in this case July 2012 to July 2013. It is primarily made up of the texts produced through our Critical Distance writing program that encourages critical writing and dialogue about contemporary art but it is also an archive of the year’s regular and special programming. Each issue of PaperWait includes an edited section of artist pages and arts writing that provides an opportunity to more artists to have their work included.

Visual Art
-Please submit one image with full title, medium, date and artist’s name.

-The image should not exceed 1024×768 pixels, 72dpi and/or 50kb.

Please submit a synopsis of no more than 400 words for an essay of no more than 1500 words that engages with themes, theories, or artists connected with ‘landscapes’ within the realm of contemporary art.

We are accepting applications by email only- remember to include your email address, phone number and address. Please address them to

Deadline, 4pm Tuesday 16th April 2013.

New Transit Ads | Beginning in November


Thanks to Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism and the generous support of Pattison Outdoor Advertising ace will have ads inside 135 City of Winnipeg buses for the next month and a half. Seven different quotes taken from critical responses to work exhibited over the past 30 years in the gallery have been printed and installed for your pleasure. Can you find them all? And more importantly, what do you think about the quotes, the gallery and contemporary art by emerging artists being presented in our city? We would like to invite you to respond to these ads and begin a dialogue in keeping with the second decade of the 21st century.

Contact us on Instagram and/or Twitter: #aceartinc