Project Room

August 10 – August 17
use of space/studio visits

Sarah Crawley

Performathon: 20th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser

July 18

Bev Pike, David Street, Ada Bello, Coral Aiken, Alex Badger, Michael Dumontier, Winnipeg Poetry Slam Team, Kevin Matthews, Gruf the Druid, Darek Dawda, Derek Evers, Charles Romero Venzon, The Adzurbs, Dominique Rey, Cliff Eyland, Tannis Van Horne, Nicole Shimonek, Victoria Prince, Glen Johnson, Marianne Jonasson, Joan Suzuki, Rob Fordyce, Can Da ‘Ce Cross, Ron Moore, Brian Sostek [Minneapolis], Megan McClellan [Minneapolis], Risa Horowitz, Erika Lincoln, Kevin from the Fix, Winnipeg Visions Performing Arts Troupe, Leah Janzen, Doug Lewis, Chris MacDonald, Mike Taylor, Shawn Frosst, Hope Peterson, Veronica Lussier, Tim Turner, Karen Owens, Lori Fontaine, Jane Clark, Divya Mehra, Mia Feuer, Eli Epp, Angelene Jeannette, KC Adams, Jen Barthel, Veronica Preweda, Karen Wardle, Holly Procktor. (local artists except where noted)


No Frills

July 15 – August 9

Display of artwork by aceartinc. staff and board: KC Adams, Chris MacDonald, Karen Wardle, Kevin Matthews, Dominique Rey, Shawn Frosst, Veronica Preweda, Jean Klimack, Liz Garlicki, Leah Janzen, Risa Horowitz, Winnipeg.

Critical Distance

The Decor Project: White on White: Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens
June 7 – July 5, 2003

a response to the exhibition by Risa Horowitz

It is an odd experience, inviting visitors to my home. When the visit is over, I sometimes find myself wandering through the space wondering how it might appear to an outsider, being accustomed as I am to myself and my ways and unaccustomed as I am to newcomer socializing. This experience has been turned on its head by Hadley and Maxwell’s takeover of my dining room, the necessary prelude to their gallery exhibition The Décor Project: White on White.
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Reservations for All

May 16 – May 30

University of Manitoba Fine Arts Students
organized by Harlyn Weijs