Critical Distance

Mourning: Barb Hunt
October 29 – November 27, 1999

a response to the exhibition by Sheila Spence

To mourn is to show sorrow or regret over loss as defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. Emotions surrounding loss are much more layered and complex than this definition. Sorrow and regret are magnified by visceral memories of touch, laughter, pleasure. Often what is no longer there becomes more real in its absence. A personal loss evokes for each of us the cycle of birth, growth, death, decay and renewal and calls upon us to engage in rituals or processes to ground us and comfort us.
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Sheila Spence, Joanne Bristol, Susan Mills, April Hickox, Dagmar Dahle, Karilee Fuglem, Candace Savage

Designer: Angela Somerset
Curator: Marian Butler

A relatively small collection


press run of 1000
ISBN 0-9696265-1-7

Curators: Michael Dumontier and Tom Elliott. Artists: Ian Birse, Judy Bowyer, Joanne Bristol, Gail Brown, Hank Bull, Michael Drew Campbell, Elaine Carol, Cause and Effect, Shawna Dempsey/Lorri Millan, Michael Dumontier/T.R. Elliott, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, Michael Fernandes, Ken Gregory, Kip Jackson, Drue Langlois, Erika Lincoln, Todd Martin, Rita McKeough, Jennie O’Keefe, Jocelyn Robert, Adrian Shalom Williams, Kathleen Yearwood.

Published to accompany the cassette exhibition/lending library a relatively small collection, this publication features entries by the 24 participating artists as well as images from the exhibition and an essay by the curators.

How to Make Work


edition ongoing
ISBN 0-9696265-2-5
Artists: Brenna George, Al Rushton, Richard Dyck

Published to accompany the group exhibition Working Space, How to Make Work is an interactive publication that requires audience participation and production, i.e., the “kit” require assembly through interaction with each of the works.



press run of 1000
ISBN 0-9696265-4-1

Artists: Judy Bowyer, Dena Decter, Lois Klassen, Jean Klimack, Catherine MacDonald, and Vida Simon; Curator: Marian Butler; Additional Publication contributors: Sylvia Legris, Angela Somerset.

Draw resulted from in/habit, a residency and exhibition (presented at aceartinc. in May/June 1999) that looked at issues of isolation and/or solitude, and the location and impact of artists’ production within various communities. Now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.



limited edition of 13

Curated by Marian Butler. With artists works by JoAnne Bristol, Dagmar Dahle, Candace Savage, Sheila Spence, Susan Mills, Karilee Fuglem, April Hickox. Designed by Angela Somerset. Critical Distance With Crow Energy by Jen Loewen.


Stories and Iyalogues: Visual Memories, History and Identity: Gomo George
September 24 – October 23, 1999

a response to the exhibition by Gerry Atwell

For a non-visual artist, the prospect of writing about visual arts is intimidating to say the least. After visiting Gomo George’s installation, Stories and Iyahlogues (Visual Memories, History and Identity) at Ace Art Gallery, however, I felt compelled to offer some personal impressions of his work. As a Black Canadian musician and writer, I have frequently written about race and identity, always with the hope of sharing perspectives, reducing obstacles and celebrating humanity. Continue reading