Aqua Aëris


edition of 3
Artist’s book by Lori Rogers and curator Jennifer Woodbury.

Functioning as both objet and text, this piece distills some of the issues of desire and loss begun in the installation Captive and Absent (aceartinc., 1997). Authorship in the creation of this work is indistinct, as both artist and curator interlay their creative output within the thought and sensibilities of the other.



press run of 500

Artists: Ron Gorsline; Curator: Jennifer Woodbury.

Black and white and color reproductions of Ron Gorsline’s paintings and drawings along with a curatorial essay by Jennifer Woodbury are brought together in this publication in response to the exhibition Light/Shadow/Dark by Ron Gorsline.

Sally Slipper


edition of 200

Artist’s book by June Boyd. Co-Facilitators: Marian Butler, Angela Somerset

This book was made through a laborious process of excavation and creation involving photo reenactments of journal excerpts, assemblage of found/retrieved objects, installed situations, drawings and texts. The synthesis of this project (an artist’s book/residency) translates the place where June works and lives into a mobile and tangible form: a documentation /book /installation. Now in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.



handmade multiples

Artist’s book by Helene Dyck

In Flashpoint, a site-specific installation, Helene Dyck continued to reclaim materials from domestic environments, which metaphorically relate to qualities of endurance and renewal in the formation of identity. Helene drew on the layering of the various components in the installation, including plywood for the book’s cover, for this limited edition, handmade artist’s book.

Off the Beaten Track



Artists: Eleanor Bond, Sheila Butler, Aganetha Dyck, Larry Glawson, Wanda Koop, Kim Ouellette, Esther Warkov, Diane Whitehouse, Jack Butler, Doug Melnyk, Rosalie Bellefontaine, Michael Drabot, Grant Guy, John Gurdebeked, Chrisine Hawks, Karen Hoeberg, Vern Hume, Alex Poruchnyk, Leon Johnson, Grace Martini, Maureen Margaret, Paula Newman, Susan Peterson. (exhibition)

Artists in smaller centers “off the beaten track” like Winnipeg, join forces with artists in Edinburgh in producing authentic art coming not from the “centre” such as Toronto , but from geographically marginalized areas.

Critical Distance

DANCE OF GAIA: Angela Luvera
October 9 – November 7, 1998

a response to the exhibition by Tricia Wasney

“It is clear that polarities loom large in human thought. All cultures note and deal with such oppositions as night/day (or darkness/light), male/female, sky/earth, life/death, and a host of others… the attractiveness of dualistic thinking lies… in the solution it offers to the problem of ensuring an ordered relationship between antitheses that cannot be allowed to become antipathies. It is not so much that it offers order, for all systems of thought do that, but that it offers equilibrium. Dualistic theories create order by postulating a harmonious interaction of contradictory principles.”¹ Continue reading

Deep Brown Apathetic Scatology

THE BROWN SHOW: Scott Hadaller, Simon Hughes, Cathy Kuryk, Les Newman and Paul Robles
September 3 – September 26, 1998

a response to the exhibition by Blair Marten

Pre-linguistic universal truth ‘number one’: ‘Pinch a loaf’ too hard while defecating, and face the potential of a hemorrhoid-dappled event horizon.

Pre-linguistic universal truth ‘number two’: Give up and ‘go with the flow’, and meet the post-bathroom query “So, did everything come out all right?” with an affirmative response.
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