Flux Gallery


Flux Gallery exhibits engaging contemporary art in any medium by early-stage emerging artists.  Located in Winnipeg at 2-290 McDermot Avenue, within aceartinc., Flux Gallery seeks to address the lack of exhibition space for this group by providing a 400 square foot space dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of work by early-emerging artists.

Flux Gallery is programmed by a committee of Winnipeg-based emerging artists/ Designers/ Curators, aceart Staff and Board.  Shows are programmed on a quarterly basis. Selected artist(s)/ curators will have the gallery for two weeks; this period includes install, run, and strike of exhibition.

aceartinc. is acting as an arm’s length facilitator but is very pleased to provide support to more artists via this innovative project.

The Committee

Hannah Doucet, Nicole Flynn (ace Board), Graham Wiebe, Chantel Mierau (ace Finance & Admin Coordinator), Alena Rieger, Jeanine Saurette, Christina Hajjar, hannah_g (ace Director).


Christina Bosowec   |   bed of roses

3-10 March 2017

Bed of Roses is a performance and installation based exhibition that responds to the allure of material forms. Originating from her obsession with the household sponge, Christina Bosowec strives to evaluate everyday objects that embody characteristics of comfort and softness.When used alongside the body as a tool ‘comfort objects’ are consoling, providing strength and deeper understanding. In Bed of Roses Bosowec touches on ‘Radical Softness’ seeking to combat the societal idea that feelings are a sign of fragility. Her performance promotes emotion through meticulous interactions that push past presumed functions.


Colby Richardson   |   Channelers

7 – 18 February 2017

Reception: 7-10pm, 10 February

Channelers’ is a series of video-sculptures that act as a medium between the living observer and the dead radio waves left behind by the abandonment of analog television broadcasting.

Once popular portable television sets have been modified into curious, altar like, structures resembling both ancient temples and esoteric radio towers.

Each sculpture receives a local transmission of a standard test pattern once used by broadcasters. As the viewer walks amongst the sculptures, the presence of their body acts as an additional antenna, warping and transforming the test pattern on the screens.

By offering a direct line of communication between the observer and the invisible radio waves around them, Channelers seeks to reveal our affect on the electromagnetic spectrum as a eerily mystical, spiritual force.

Here’s a review by Beth Schellenberg.

patrick klassen

My Best Friend      Patrick Klassen 
January 17th- 28th 2017
Opening Reception: January 20th, 2017, 7-10 pm

Despite appearances, Pat’s medium is performance, not painting. “My Best Friend” describes an uneasy bond between artworks and author by presenting his practice as a dysfunctional relationship; one that involves the affection, contempt, and embarrassment that throbs between a person and things.

Playing with some of modernism’s foundational tropes, the paintings themselves waver between abstraction and a kind of expressionism that touches on the epistemic fetish for transparency of process, material, and recursive self-definition. Kurt Schwitters once announced to the Dadaists “I nail my pictures together” which succinctly described his commitment to beaux arts practices (easel, paint, brush) as well as the subversion of the codes defining those practices. Klassen’s canvases are all redaction, smears, and the bare minimum required to summon a drawing, but imbued with imaginary agency. Here, the usual signs of command are given up for the pervert’s compulsion to act out a relationship with the fantasy object.

True to perverse nature, Klassen must find others willing to be put through this exchange. Beyond the conquering gesture of ratchet strapping the paintings to the walls, dividing practices are revealed in a video where viewers can observe Jungian archetypes performed through everyday social engagements, and in the carpet paintings which signal both decorative space and submission. You are invited to walk all over it.

– Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans is an artist and writer based in Vancouver, Canada

Here is a review of the show by Beth Schellenberg.


flux upcoming 2017

Anyse Ducharme    Transfer

2-10 December 2016

Variances of transparency found in wide circulation, slowed down, in an instance of transference; glitched, bent and sliding onto transparent material.

The image file is an assemblage of processes that form a visual iteration. It is only readable because your platform functions in such a way as to allow it to be read, and manifests a visual on your screen (if you can think of a jpg image as a solidified version of a set of processes). Your computer is in communication with its components (algorithms, programs etc.) in order for you to view an image. It is also in communication with the image that has been transferred to you – which also functions in a state of assemblages of processes that solidify enough in order to create a visual iteration on your screen.


Bryn Vargas   Animating Self

1-12 November 2016

Bryn Vargas is an inter-disciplinary artist concerned about the well-being of relationships in our society today. Seeking to discover, and share the truths she is learning about relationship and what makes them good and worthwhile.


Review of Animating Self by Scott Lercher



Elise Dawson Daddy PW promoflat



Flux Gallery welcomes writing about any of the exhibitions that are mounted in the program. Responses can be in any style and any length. They will be published as PDFs available on aceart.org/flux-gallery. Email your writing to flux@acaert.org.

An interview with Graham Wiebe by Joy Balmana

Cybersensuality- a response by Jaz Papadopoulos

Cybersensuality– an interview with the artist Nancy Nguyen by Joy Balmana

My Best Friend by Patrick Klassen- a review by Beth Schellenberg

Channelers by Colby Richardson- a review by Beth Schellenberg


James Malzahn, Privacy Forboden

Opens Friday, July 22, 2016, 7 pm.
Runs until July 29, 2016

promoflux sml

Privacy Forboden, an exhibition by James Malzahn, is an interdisciplinary body of work which critiques the increasing loss of privacy that humanity faces through the abuse of technology at the hands of government agencies. Malzahn illuminates the eeriness associated to mass surveillance programs which includes the bulk interception, collection and storage of the public’s digital communications. This series weaves technology – aesthetically and functionally – through traditional mediums to portray these omnipresent and corrupt entities.


Be a juror for Flux Gallery

Be part of the selection process for exhibitions in Flux! If you are not submitting an exhibition proposal, email flux@aceart.org and tell us what interests you about being on the Flux jury. The next jury will meet on 27 July 2016, 5-10 pm.

Call for Submissions III

Flux Gallery will be seeking exhibition proposals from emerging artists.

This third call for submissions will be for three exhibition slots:

To apply please submit the following in a digital format to flux@aceart.org by 10 July 2016.

Successful applicants will hear by August 2016.

To submit, enclose:

  1. An exhibition proposal (1 page)
  2. Support Material
  3. List the dates in your order of preference. We cannot guarantee you’ll get your preferred date.

Support material:

  • You may include up to 5 images
  • Individual images must be jpegs 72dpi, 1024 x 768 pixel, 500k (.5 MB) RGB or SRGB only
  • Video may be submitted through a link to Vimeo, YouTube or any other easily accessed website, a max of 5 minutes will be reviewed by selection committee

When applying, please consider:

  • Works involving sound must be played through headphones.
  • You must return Flux Gallery to its pristine state during the strike of your exhibition.
  • Your work will be for sale; artist fees are therefore not applicable.

A map of the space can be found here.

Graham Wiebe, You Can’t Call People Without Wing’s Angels, 14-20 May 2016, launch: 7-10pm, 14 May


You Can’t Call People Without Wings Angels, an exhibition by Graham Wiebe, is a series of photographs that uses the thematic of Halloween as a way of exploring the holidays uncanny aesthetic while questioning personal anxieties during a time of juvenile purgatory

Nancy Nguyen, Cyber Sensuality, April 17-30 2016

nancy imafge

CYBER SENSUALITY, an exhibition by Nancy Nguyen is a body of work focused on image-crafted internet identity through a combination of graphic design, books, and wall installations to evoke visual information rather than textual information while dissecting the immediate aesthetics of the internet through permanent forms.

michael image

Recent Works, an exhibition by Michael Mogatas, is a new body of work that reflects his past and present processes of painting via photography.


This exhibition is comprised of paintings and installation that explore the dynamics of heartbreak. The work embodies the tension within conflicting romantic identities that are negotiated through melodrama, omitting specificity in favor of tropes found in the pop-culture canon.

Review in Uptown Magazine