Coming up- a talk by Renée Saurette on art therapy

7pm, Thursday 1 February

Renée Saurette is a certified counsellor and art therapist working in Winnipeg. Her therapy practice is client-centered, she works through an attachment and trauma based lens. Renée was the Artistic Director of La Maison des artistes visuels francophones from 2010-2012.

Art therapy provides a means by which to express oneself in addition to verbal expression. The artworks created in therapy allow for new information to surface through free expression and metaphor and can guide the therapy process. Artmaking is an equally powerful tool in processing trauma as it engages the body and offers a physical release and empowerment over one’s narrative.

Kelly Campbell: Scott Wachal Memorial Talk



7pm, Wednesday 5 April 2017

This is an ongoing project exploring, documenting, and participating in the continuous process of building and destroying livable lives under capitalism and global colonialism through queer interdependence.

To prepare for the presentation, please contemplate the following questions: How does one build a livable life? What is necessary to do this? What is the relationship between giving and receiving care, the ability to give and receive care, and one’s ability, gender, race, and historically mitigated access to resources? How does space, both physical and online, shaped by capitalism and colonialism, impact our experience of care? What is the relationship between practical and emotional labour? How is our labour of care exploited? What happens when we do not receive the care we need?

Content warning: Suicide, self immolation, self harm.


About the Bursary

Those students who are curated into the annual student exhibition are invited to apply to this bursary, founded in the memory of a student, Scott Wachal, who exhibited with ace in May 2013.

$500 is awarded to contribute to the costs associated with a contemporary art project such as materials, residencies, etc. Tuition fees are not eligible. The student is then invited to deliver a public artist talk about the project the bursary supported.


Past recipients:

Nicole Flynn 2014

Carolyn Kroeker 2015