Mujer Artista: Speaking in Tongues

mujer artista

Carolina Araneda | Cecilia Araneda | Francesca Carella | Alexandra Garrido | Monica Martinez | Mariana Muñoz | Praba Pilar | Camila Schujman | Ilse Torres

January 13 –  February 3, 2017

7 pm, Friday January 13  – Opening / Performances
(performances from 8 pm to 9 pm)

2:30 pm, Saturday January 28 – Performances / Artist Talk

Image: Alexandra Garrido – studio – untitled. Performances Fri Jan 13 and Sat Jan 28.


Over two years ago, after a series of conversations between Cecilia Araneda (filmmaker and curator), Praba Pilar (interdisciplinary artist) and Monica Martinez (visual artist), we came up with the idea of participating in an artistic process from the starting point of collective dialogue.

We named this process Mujer Artista.

From our core group of three, Mujer Artista gradually expanded to involve more artists, including dancers Alexandra Garrido, Camila Schujman and Ilse Torres; visual artists Carolina Araneda and Francesca Carella; and interdisciplinary artist Mariana Muñoz.

We are Latin women artists traversing a canon populated by men. We work without privilege. We carry the weight of our cultural histories, that are often brutal and tragic, and burdened with paradoxes. We are visibly different. We are identified as the ‘other.’ We are never quite made to feel at home.

We speak in tongues as we reflect on the contradictions and uneasy mixings which present an underlying quality that finds no easy comfort; our work is extremely personal and it is also the product of complex toil. Ultimately, as you enter into the space you will know each and every one of us artists more personally as people as we speak to you collectively in a manner that may be unexpected.


We acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts in facilitating the creation of Mujer Artista.

We also acknowledge the support and solidarity of aceart and MAWA: Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art.

Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame | Chun Hua Catherine Dong


4 November – 9 December 2016; performance: 8pm, 4 November

Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame examines the visual culture of shame in relation to the body, subjects and power in contemporary art. Over the past three years, Chun Hua Catherine Dong has been creating this series of works that integrates performance, photography, video, and installation. Her focus is exploring the visual culture of shame associated with vulnerability in its personal and socio-political dimensions, deconstructing the experience of shame through gestures, moments, and audience participation. In her practice, she considers feminism, globalization, and psychoanalysis, positioning shame as a feminist strategy of resistance — an ethical practice that seeks altered states of consciousness that possibly leads to restore dignity and humanity.

Images from the performance are here.

Listen to the artist talk here.

Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame | Chun Hua Catherine Dong
Du 4 novembre au 9 décembre 2016

Performance à 20 h, vendredi le 4 novembre

Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame examine la culture visuelle de la honte en rapport avec le corps, les sujets et le pouvoir dans l’art contemporain. Depuis trois années maintenant, Chun Hua Catherine Dong travaille à créer cette série d’œuvres qui incorpore la performance, la photographie, la vidéo et l’installation. Elle met l’accent sur l’exploration de la culture visuelle de la honte associée à la vulnérabilité dans ses dimensions personnelles et sociopolitiques, déconstruisant l’expérience de la honte par l’entremise de gestes, de moments et de la participation de l’auditoire. Dans sa pratique, elle aborde le féminisme, la mondialisation et la psychanalyse, et positionne la honte comme une stratégie de résistance féministe – une pratique éthique qui cherche des états altérés de conscience qui pourraient mener à la restauration de la dignité et de l’humanité.

Unstuck | Marla Hlady

presented by send + receive, a festival of sound

October 7 – 28, 2016

Artist talk and opening reception October 7 at 7:00pm. 

For more information, visit

Toronto-based artist Marla Hlady creates distinct works that play with concepts of utility through audio, kinetic sculpture and sculptural installation. We have invited her to present a solo exhibition featuring three works that engage with this year’s Space & Sound theme from a distinctly architectural perspective. This solo exhibition will feature a new version of Walls, a multi-dimensional kinetic sound installation that reimagines the gallery space as a moving sculptural instrument, Third Floor Radiator, a multimedia sculpture that scales down the Gairloch Gardens gallery in Oakville to dollhouse dimensions, with each room animated and activated as a unique sound object and the silent and playful Leveller, a seemingly utilitarian machine that is perpetually seeking balance.

Presented in partnership with aceartinc. with additional assistance from the Manitoba Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and University of Toronto at Scarborough.

CARTE BLANCHE: members’ exhibition & hullabaloo


aceartinc.’s members’ exhibition and performances.
Proudly sponsored by Assiniboine Credit Union

 8 – 11 pm, Friday 30 September 2016

This is also a fundraiser for the gallery. Get your membership online!



Performances by members of aceartinc.:

Kegan McFadden, Freya Olafson, Madeline Rae, Letch Kinloch

(sponsored by Parlour Coffee, Waterfront Massage Therapy, and The Tallest Poppy, Oak & Lily Florists ).


Artists Bingo hosted by Tracy Admin

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Suzie Smith, Toby Gillies, Irene Bindi, Dany Reede, & Kenneth Lavallee.

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There will also be the opportunity to take a selfie with Andy Warhol.

beyond différence, and now | Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe


Launch and artist Talk – 7pm, 19 August 2016

19 August- 23 September 2016

beyond différence, and now hovers between the tangible world of objects and the ephemeral structures of the virtual. Nicolas Lapointe and Anna Eyler examine the role of digital technologies within contemporary society, probing the connections between objecthood, materiality, and the digital artifact. For Lapointe, physical space and substance are conflated with their virtual counterparts. Material objects recall digital processes, while virtual structures replicate physical forms. Objects linger in non-space, transmitting messages from the void. Likewise, Eyler investigates new forms of subjecthood emerging in our increasingly technologized world. Her works are both inquiries into collective memory and archaeologies of perception. Operating within the liminal space between the physical and the virtual, then, the works in this exhibition function simultaneously as record, artifact, and love letter from an imagined digital future.


Image: Anna Eyler / Nicolas Lapointe | When two waves meet traveling | resin, aluminum, cardboard | 96” x 12” x 12”. Courtesy of the artists.

Critical Distance response by Sarah Nesbitt

Artist Talk.


beyond différence, and now   |   Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe

Vernissage et causerie d’artiste – à 19 h, le 19 août 2016

Du 19 août au 23 septembre 2016

 beyond différence, and now plane entre le monde tangible des objets et des structures éphémères du virtuel. Nicolas Lapointe et Anna Eyler se penchent sur le rôle des technologies numériques au sein de la société contemporaine en examinant les liens qui existent entre le statut des objets, la matérialité et l’artéfact numérique. Pour Lapointe, l’espace physique et la substance se confondent avec leurs équivalents numériques. Les objets matériels physiques sont l’écho des processus numériques, tandis que les structures virtuelles copient les formes physiques. Les objets flottent dans la non-espace, et transmettent des messages provenant du vide. Pareillement, Eyler examine les nouvelles formes des objets qui émergent de notre monde de plus en plus technologique. Ses œuvres sont des questionnements du monde de la mémoire collective et de l’archéologie de la perception. Les œuvres de cette exposition, situées dans l’espace liminal entre le physique et le virtuel, fonctionnent alors simultanément comme record, artéfact et de lettre d’amour provenant d’un futur numérique imaginé.

Traduction : Simone Hébert Allard