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Cartae is an alternative learning space for the exploration of contemporary art modes, ideas and criticality, and their applications to individual practices. It is a site of experimentation, dialogue, creation, and research. Cartae is an initiative of aceartinc.

The Cartae Open School provides opportunities in the form of peer to peer and sel-directed learning, studio visits/workshops from ace’s exhibiting artists, screenings, artist talks, free access to all events that occur at ace during the Cartae year, and input from our sister Artist-Run Centres.

The inaugural 2014/15 Cartae participants, or Cartaers, were Emily Sirota, shimby, Shelley Vanderbyl, and Reza Rezai.

The 2015/16 Cartaers were Talia Shaaked, Madeline Rae, Carol Ann Bohrn, Beth Schellenberg, and Jaz Papadopoulos. Some images from their studio can be seen here.

The 2016/17 Cartaers were: Jennifer Ilse Black, Briar Boyko, Kelly Campbell, Sarah Epp, and Danielle Fenn.

The 2017/18 Cartaers are: Elise Dawson, Christina Hajjar, Julian Kirchmann, Michelle  Panting, and Sarah Stewart.



Cartae Open School panel discussion: 7 pm, Thursday 9 June 2016

Brian Hunter will moderate a panel discussion wth the participants of this year’s Cartae Open School: Madeline Rae, Talia Shaaked, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Jaz Papadopolous, and hopefully Beth Schellenberg (Arctic internet connection permitting).

They will discuss their respective practices and experiences in this alternative learning and studio environment and answer questions from the floor.

Watch here.


Cartae Open School Exhibition 3-30 June 2016   |   launch 7 pm, 3 June   |   performance 8pm, 15 July

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Talia Shaaked, Madeline Rae, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Jaz Papadopolous, Beth Schellenberg: Cartae 2015/16



2014/15 Cartae


Emily Sirota, Shelley Vanderbyl, Reza Rezai, shimby.  (Photo: Reza Rezai)